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Novice Rowing Program Summary

This program is for:

  • Rowers that have recently completed a Learn to Row class, either at Mendota RC or another rowing club
  • Rowers looking to work on technique and build fitness
  • Rowers who are rowing with the advanced program but want to get more water time or hone their coxing skills
  • Rowers who for scheduling reasons cannot attend morning practices

Program Details

Our novice program targets our recent learn-to-row graduates, but is also a great program for those with basic to intermediate rowing experience. It is an opportunity to put into practice what you learned in your learn-to-row class and to improve your rowing & coxing skills. 

We row primarily in sweep boats, either 4's or 8's, depending on attendance. Occasionally we may try sculling in quads. The focus of the group is on technique and on having fun on the water! You will also begin to build fitness as the season progresses. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to participate in your first regatta in September or October.

Note: Recent graduates of Learn-to-Row can take advantage of a one-month trial period any time after finishing the class (you don't have to start right after your class ends).

Practice Schedule

Novice practice will begin in mid-May.

Rowers should sign up for practice on our Google spreadsheet by 5pm the day before practice. 

Please show up at the boathouse on time, or even better a few minutes early, so that we can get the launch & oars ready to make the most of our time on the water. 

On days you are uncertain about the weather, still plan on showing up - sometimes the conditions turn out better than anticipated. We will also be able to work on our fitness on days we are not able to get out on the water. Even if you missed several days or weeks in a row, you are always welcome. You can easily pick up where you left off as new learn-to-row graduates will be joining the group at the beginning of each month throughout the summer.

Racing and Regattas

For information on racing and regattas check out our Racing page.

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