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President - Andrew Keller
Treasurer – Tanya Falbel
Secretary – Andy Kellen
Club Administrator – Fran Breit
Head Coach – Heather Swam
Masters Regatta Coordinator – Fran Breit
Learn to Row Coordinators – Amy Wencel
Social Media – 
Webmaster – Fran Breit
Equipment/Boathouse – Nancy Jarvis
Info@mendotarowingclub.com - Amy Wencel

Board Officer Descriptions


The club president is responsible for hiring and overseeing the coaches, leading board meetings and general club meetings, and enforcing boathouse rules and regulations. They also act as the public face of the club, interfacing with the media and the public, as well as being the primary contact for the club in an emergency situation. The president also serves as the co-head of the safety committee (along with the vice president). The president can be reached at president@mendotarowingclub.com.

Vice President

The vice president performs the duties of the president in the absence of the president. They assist with hiring and overseeing club employees and act as the secondary contact for the club in emergency situations. The vice president is also responsible working with the committee heads to ensure that the committees are performing their duties and the board receives a monthly update from each committee head. The vice president serves as co-head of the safety committee (along with the president).


The treasurer is responsible for the club's monthly and annual budget and for keeping the board informed of the current budget status. They are also responsible for processing membership dues and other fees, reimbursing for club expenses, communicating with the club's accountant about filing taxes, and making sure the club's bills get paid.  


The secretary is responsible for communicating with members about club-wide events, schedules, and meetings. The secretary also takes minutes during all board, special, and general club meetings, and ensures that club mail is collected and distributed to the correct person. They also are responsible for amending the club handbook and informing members of updates.


Mendota Rowing Club is an organization largely run by its members. All of Mendota Rowing Club's leaders volunteer their time and talents to run and further enrich our community. With the general oversight of the Board of Directors, Mendota RC is lead by committees. Committees are made up of Mendota RC board members and rowers. Each committee has a designated Head who ensures all responsibilities of the committee are covered.

Because Mendota Rowing Club is a member run organization, we require all members to commit to a certain amount of volunteer hours each year. Full year members are expected to complete a minimum of 15 hours per year, while monthly members are expected to complete 2 hours per month. 

For more on the responsibilities of our officers and committee, please see below.  To learn more about the current board of directors and coaching staff, see their respective pages.

Please consider how you might contribute to our community!

Committees and Coordinators

If you are interested in participating in one of the committees below, please get in touch with the committee head.

Club Administrator

The club administrator is responsible for being the first point of contact for the club. They monitor the club's general email account and respond to or forward emails and phone calls to the appropriate coach, board member or committee head.  The administrator also serves as head of the club's Membership Committee and is responsible for managing the club's membership database.

The current administrator is Fran Breitmailto:admin@mendotarowingclub.com

Team Manager

A Manager’s job is to maintain the general running of a team to free the coach to concentrate on the coaching and training aspects of the team. A Manager should also be a liaison person between team members, coaches, Board of Directors, and committee leaders. Team Mangers work closely with the coaches to bring about a high level of team spirit & camaraderie within the team and with all other members of the Club.

The MRC Team Manager is responsible for:

  • The administration and management of the team and the welfare of all team members.
  • Liaising with all team members, coaches, and committee members.
  • Point of contact for potential and new members for the team structure, requirements, and procedures.
  • Encouraging one cohesive MRC Team – including all rowers, from Learn to Row members to competitive rowers
  • Adjudicating or elevating problems that may arise amongst team members, the coach and supporters.
  • Acting as liaison between the Board of Directors and the team.
  • Ensure the team rules/regulations are observed and followed.
  • Ensuring all welfare and safety requirements for the team are met. 
  • Distributing required information and updates to players and coaches.
The current Team Manager is:

Regatta Coordinator

 Pre-season planning

  • Generate a list of potential regattas to attend along with their dates (or approximate dates if not yet scheduled)
  • Meet with coach(es) and president to determine regatta list.  Present list at AGM- to start generating enthusiasm
  • Work with Club Administrator person to get survey to members on what regattas they would like to attend.  
  • Determine regatta list for 2018 based on survey.

For each Regatta:

  • Get regatta dates, race schedule, deadlines from Regatta Central
  • Work with coaches and club administrator to spread the word and get commitment from rowers
  • Get lineups from coach
  • Work with president and coaches to register for regatta on Regatta Central
  • Let president know when fees are ready to be determined
  • Get hotel rooms if overnight
  • Make a dinner reservation for the night before the regatta
  • Email logistics to rowers (race schedule, where to be when, loading schedule, food, etc)
  • Make sure rowers have signed their waiver
  • Create and share Google spreadsheet for carpooling, hotels and dinner
  • Send list of participants and their fees to Club Administrator who creates and emails invoices
  • Ask Club Administrator to email rowers that have not signed the US Rowing waiver
  • Get list of boats, oars, and equipment to trailer from coaches
  • Work with coaches on getting rowers to do various jobs before/during/after at the regatta (eg. In charge of straps, boatloading, rigging, cox boxes, food, ice, water, uniforms, etc) 
The current Regatta Coordinator is .
Equipment/Boathouse Committee

This committee Is responsible for keeping the club's equipment (including racing shells, oars, launches, truck, and trailer) and boathouse in good working order.  The committee also organizes and leads club work days, communicates with the city about general boathouse maintenance, arranges for any equipment repair, and makes sure that the boathouse is stocked with parts for repairs.

The Equipment/Boathouse Committee heads is Nancy Jarvis.

Safety Committee

This committee is responsible for making sure that the club is operating safely.  The committee works with the coaching staff, rowers, and volunteers to make sure that the proper safety equipment and supplies are available and accessible. They also make sure that club safety standards are enforced.

The Safety Committee Heads is Jackie Rand.

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for everything related to membership.  This includes collecting membership forms and dues, maintaining an up to date list of members for the coaches and the email list, welcoming new members to the club and also developing strategies for recruiting new members.

The Membership Committee Head is Fran Breit.

This committee is responsible for boosting awareness of the club in the greater community. Members of this committee plan the club's publicity campaign, including researching and organizing print and digital publicity avenues.  They also serve as a liaison between the club and media outlets. 

The Outreach/Publicity/Fundraising Committee Head is Amy Wencel.

Learn to Row Committee

This committee organizes the club's Learn to Row program.  They set the dates for each season's Learn to Row classes, work with the Publicity Committee to advertise the program, coordinate Learn to Row instructors and volunteers and are responsible for tracking class registration and communicating with class participants.

Adult Team Committee

This committee works to facilitate communication between the coaches an rowers for both practices and regattas. They also are the liaison for insurance reimbursement.

The Adult Team Committee Head is by our coaches.

Social Committee

This committee organizes the club's social events, including the end of season party and Annual Meeting.

The Social Committee Head is Fran Breit.

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