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Lake Mendota Traffic Pattern

We share Lake Mendota with the University of Wisconsin's rowing teams and it's important for the safety of all rowers and equipment that everyone follows the traffic pattern. The traffic pattern for rowing shells requires that boats traveling clockwise take the outside (lake side) lane and boats traveling counterclockwise take the inside (shore side) lane. There is a marked 2k course in front of the UW Union were the lanes are separated by buoys. Elsewhere on the lake, a lane should be considered enough space for three 8+s to row side by side. It is important to follow the traffic pattern at all times and while it is permissible to row into the middle of the lake, you should be mindful when you approach shore again of boats that are in the traffic pattern and yield to them if necessary.

Lake Mendota Landmarks

These landmarks are commonly used by the coaches and independent scullers to navigate on the lake.

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