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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the members of Mendota Rowing Club during our annual general meeting. Each member holds the position for three years. The Board upholds the integrity and day-to-day operation of the club. The board consists of nine members with three positions up for election each year. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us in keeping Mendota RC a great place to row.

President - Jackie Rand

I have been involved with rowing in some manner for 16 years, 5 of those years with association with the Mendota Rowing Club. I started as a member in 2015 to primarily work on my sculling skills and did attend some races. In 2018, I began coaching for Mendota as a Master's Coach for the morning practices. Rowing is my not so secret passion and I look forward to continuing this sport for a long time. I have experience as both a rowing member and as a coach, I have also rowed competitively as a high school and college athlete, and since we have added a juniors program to Mendota, that experience can help me assist the board in navigating this new area. 

As a board member, I hope to be involved in making decisions that encourage rowing, maintain member safety and demonstrate the joy that rowing can bring. I also want to better understand how a rowing club operates and figure out how I can hopefully improve that operation for the future. Rowing is the sport that I have stuck with the longest and the one that I always return back too, no matter how many times I say I am never erging again. I want to help Mendota show that enthusiasm and joy to new and existing members alike.

Term expires 2022. Jackie can be reached at jrand@mendotarowingclub.com.

Vice President - Julie Lanear

When I started rowing in college, I learned a lot about myself and about being part of an effective team.   Many years, moves, and careers later, my family has settled here in Madison.  MRC has given me the opportunity to re-discover how much I enjoy rowing and being on the water.  I have also been able to share the experience with my two children who are now part of the junior’s team.  I would like to have the chance to share this sport with others in the community and help both the junior’s and master’s programs grow and succeed. 

Term expires 2024. Julie can be reached at jlanear@mendotarowingclub.com.

TREASURER - Todd Thompson

Todd is an Independent sculler and rows in a Hudson single. He is retired from work in finance.

Term expires 2023. Todd can be reached at tthompson@mendotarowingclub.com.

Secretary - Andy Kellen

I started rowing my freshman year in college, but life intervened and I didn’t stick with it. Fast forward 40 years or so and when my gym closed at the start of the COVID pandemic, I got a Concept2 and started erging, which really whet my appetite for getting back on the water. I found out Mendota Rowing Club was offering Learn to Row in singles, and signed up for the first class. I was completely hooked, and since then have been rowing every chance I get! I truly appreciate being a member of Mendota Rowing Club, and am eager to help the club continue to serve its existing members and introduce additional members of the community to the sport of rowing.

Term expires 2024. Andy can be reached at akellen@mendotarowingclub.com.

Melissa Austin

I joined MRC in May 2018 as a brand new Learn To Row participant. I chose MRC because it had adult programming and to see what all the rowing hubbub was about. My son is a Junior Rower and my husband rowed in college so it was a constant topic of conversation at my house. It didn’t take long for me to understand the draw. It’s the most difficult, and painful sport I’ve ever participated in. It is also the most rewarding. I never imagined being on a team again. What a treat to get my first team tank top. You’d be surprised how much that means to someone who hasn’t donned a team uniform since the 90’s. 

I really love being part of such a supportive and inspiring group of Masters and Junior rowers. I look forward to sharing the support I've received at MRC with new adult and junior rowers as the club continues to grow.

Term expires 2022. Melissa can be reached at maustin@mendotarowingclub.com.

Carol Borcherding

I started my rowing career with the first junior rowing team at the Mendota Rowing Club in 1981.  I rowed my junior and senior year with Mendota and was the team captain my senior year.  I have a lot of great memories from these years and truly believe the Junior team experience is priceless. I continued rowing during my college years with the University of Wisconsin. I learned that if you have enough determination, you can be successful rowing as a lightweight on a heavy weight team.

I had a break from rowing when I had my two children. I started rowing again a year ago with the master's team and truly enjoy rowing, competing and getting to know the other master rowers. My husband, Hans, has also been very involved with Mendota, both as a junior rower and as a coach. I believe Mendota Rowing Club has been a very important and special part of my life, and I welcome the opportunity to try to continue this tradition for other rowers.

Term expires 2023. Carol can be reached at cborcherding@mendotarowingclub.com

Sara Daum

My daughter, Ivy, has a been a member of MRC, as a Middle School rower, since the end of June 2021. She absolutely loves rowing! Since then, I have helped carry boats out to the water and back up to the boathouse after practices, come to her first scrimmage on Lake Monona, and made snacks for rowers. Ivy encouraged me to try rowing at the MRC Row the Boathouse event in August. The moment I experienced the drive, I thought, WOW, no wonder she loves this! I’m looking forward to continuing to support our young rowers any way I can, and to learning to row in 2022. I’m eager to learn more about the world of rowing, and becoming part of the board is part of that process.

Term expires 2024. Sara can be reached at sdaum@mendotarowingclub.com.

Leila Midelfort

I have been rowing off and on since 1991. I have experience as a coxswain, rower including participating in both sweep and sculling at the junior and collegiate levels. I was also an assistant collegiate coach for a year at the end of my college rowing tenure. Since college I have rowed and coxed at the masters levels. I was also a board member at Mendota Rowing Club for three years from 2006-2009 and can help tie in historical knowledge to our current circumstances at the club. I hope to help support and continue to improve on our masters programs as well as develop and expand the junior's presence at Mendota. I am invested in making rowing more accessible to everyone in our community and expanding our presence in the city.

Term expires 2023. Leila can be reached at lmidelfort@mendotarowingclub.com.

Danielle Scodellaro

Danielle has been rowing for 13 years, starting with High School and Club with Grosse Ile High School and the Wyandotte Boat Club. From there she rowed two years at the University of Wisconsin. After a short break, she has  returned full time to rowing with Mendota Rowing Club. Danielle has coached learn to row and corporate learn to row clinics. She has competed in many levels of rowing competitions, from scholastic to college, on both the national and international level, including club Nationals were she won the Woman’s pair. Danielle has placed internationally at the Royal Canadian Henley and also won a bid to the English Henley. 

Danielle plans to continue her love of rowing with Mendota Rowing Club as both a rower and a coach. There is no place she'd rather be than to keep the dreams alive of this rowing community.

Term expires 2022. 

Danielle can be reached at dscodellaro@mendotarowingclub.com.

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