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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the members of Mendota Rowing Club during our annual general meeting. Each member holds the position for three years. The Board upholds the integrity and day-to-day operation of the club. The board consists of nine members with three positions up for election each year. Please let us know if you are interested in joining us in keeping Mendota RC a great place to row.

President - Andrew Keller

Andrew has been rowing for over 15 years, having started while at university. He has since rowed with several clubs across the US and Europe, joining Mendota Rowing Club upon relocating to the area. The rowing community has always grounded Andrew and provided a supportive community no matter where he has lived. It is these positive experiences that drives him to make the sport more accessible to all.

Term expires 2026. Andrew can be reached at akeller@mendotarowingclub.com.

Vice President - Max McPheeters

I started rowing with the Learn to Row class at Mendota Rowing Club in the summer of 2023. I quickly fell in love with rowing and the community at MRC — especially the mission of making rowing accessible to all and the inclusive, supportive environment. It’s also just a ton of fun to row and hang out with other members, as there’s a diverse range of ages and experience across the club. I’d like to give back and help ensure current and future members get the experiences I've been fortunate enough to have in my time with the club. Go Mendota!

Term expires 2027. Max can be reached at mmcpheeters@mendotarowingclub.com.

TREASURER - Tanya Falbel

Like Andy, I also started rowing my freshman year in college (over 45 years ago!), and have rowed off and on with LONG breaks between each adventure, whether on the Charles River in Boston or here in Madison! Sculling is relatively new to me, I started that in 2021, and now I feel like I’m getting better at it,  but there’s nothing like sweep rowing, too! During those long breaks from rowing,  I mostly played womens' ice hockey.  For several years I was the team's treasurer, so I’m hoping to settle right in to my new treasurer role here at MRC. 

Term expires 2027. Tanya can be reached at tfalbel@mendotarowingclub.com.

Secretary - Andy Kellen

I started rowing my freshman year in college, but life intervened and I didn’t stick with it. Fast forward 40 years or so and when my gym closed at the start of the COVID pandemic, I got a Concept2 and started erging, which really whet my appetite for getting back on the water. I found out Mendota Rowing Club was offering Learn to Row in singles, and signed up for the first class. I was completely hooked, and since then have been rowing every chance I get! I truly appreciate being a member of Mendota Rowing Club, and am eager to help the club continue to serve its existing members and introduce additional members of the community to the sport of rowing.

Term expires 2027. Andy can be reached at akellen@mendotarowingclub.com.

Sara Daum

My daughter, Ivy, has a been a member of MRC, as a Middle School rower, since the end of June 2021. She absolutely loves rowing! Since then, I have helped carry boats out to the water and back up to the boathouse after practices, come to her first scrimmage on Lake Monona, and made snacks for rowers. Ivy encouraged me to try rowing at the MRC Row the Boathouse event in August. The moment I experienced the drive, I thought, WOW, no wonder she loves this! I’m looking forward to continuing to support our young rowers any way I can, and to learning to row in 2022. I’m eager to learn more about the world of rowing, and becoming part of the board is part of that process.

Term expires 2025. Sara can be reached at sdaum@mendotarowingclub.com.

Laura Scandurra

Rowing has been a favorite pastime for more than two decades. I was lucky enough to learn to row at the Mendota Rowing Club. After taking the learn to row class, I rowed with both the novice and masters teams and competed at masters nationals. I was hooked! After moving to Washington DC, the skills gained at MRC provided the foundation to row in the Alexandria Rowing Club's competitive sweep program. Work eventually took me to a few far flung places so I wasn't able to stick with it. After moving back to Madison during the Covid era, sculling presented itself as a fantastic opportunity. Being a member of MRC on and off throughout the years has been a wonderfully supportive and inspiring experience. Now that I have more time available, I'd like to use my non-profit management and fundraising experience to help support and continue to improve our masters, novice, junior and wonderfully innovative stem to stern programs. Together we can make rowing more accessible to everyone in our community and expand the presence of rowing in our city.

Term expires 2025. Laura can be reached at lscandurra@mendotarowingclub.com.

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