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Racing Schedule

The following races are under consideration for attendance. At the beginning of the season we will survey the rowers and work with the coaches to determine which of these events the club will attend.

Sprint Races

  • TBD

Head Races

  • TBD

Rowers from all of Mendota Rowing Club's programs are encouraged to participate in regattas. 

All rowers interested in racing must submit your 1K time with 250m splits by the 7th of May, June, July and August and a 20 minute piece by September 7. You may also submit a 2K, timed test, and/or 10 stroke test.) To submit your times, log into your MRC account, go to the Members section of the website and select Log Erg Test

Novices who want to race are not required to log erg times, but it would make the coaches very happy if you did!

In addition to the information provided by coaches and the Regatta Coordinator, you can find out more about each race by visiting www.regattacentral.com.

Regatta Fees are as follows:

  1. Fees for each event in which you are participating 
  2. Trailer fees, which vary given the distance to the regatta
  3. A coach fee of approximately $10/rower per regatta day
  4. Dedicated coxswains will receive $50 per race day which will be divided among the rowers.
  5. Regatta fees must be paid before the regatta and are non-refundable.

Have questions about regattas?  Email us at 


Racing Results

For a full list of recent race results, please see our Race Results page.

Regatta FAQs

Q: What are regettas?

Regatta’s are rowing races that give us a chance to test our newly learned or well-honed skills. Regattas can be generally split in two categories: sprints and headraces. Sprints are held in June and July, with a race distance of about 2000 meters. Head races can be considered the “cross-country” of rowing races, ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 meters (Though some events do a full marathon on the water!). Rowers are divided by experience level and gender. Typical race divisions are Novice, Collegiate, Open, and Masters. While some regattas require participants to qualify to compete, most are open to all rowers.

Q: How do I participate in a regatta?

A: To participate, fill out the interest form at least 2 weeks prior to the regatta you would like to participate in. You will be sent an invoice via email for the regatta fee 1 week prior to the event.

Q: What are the responsibilities of a participant?

A: All rowers must pay the regatta fee, help load and unload the boat trailer, buy or borrow a Mendota Rowing Club Uni, sign the US Rowing waiver, and arrange transport for themselves to the event. Boat trailer loading is typically done the day prior to the event. Unloading will typically take place the morning after the event. Most rowers carpool to the event, and a carpooling google spreadsheet will be sent to the participating rowers to coordinate. A link for ordering uni’s will be emailed near the beginning of the rowing season. We also encourage rowers to bring snacks for themselves and their teammates to share at the regatta. All athletes are expected to get to the regatta in the morning and stay all day to support your teammates. At the regatta, all rowers help unpack supplies and unload the boats, rig/de-rig boats, and assist their teammates with oars and water bottles when launching. All regatta information will be sent to participants via email in the week preceding the event.

Q: What are the regatta fees and what do they cover?

A: All rowers are required to pay for each regatta they race in. The fee varies by regatta.  The only people exempt from the regatta fee are coaches, coxswains, and trailer drivers. The fee covers the following:
    • Event fees (varies)
    • Truck and Trailer fees (varies)
    • Coach fee
    • Coxswains ($50 per race day)
The total fee will be calculated and split among all rowers.
The average fees are:
    • Grand Regatta – $85 + travel and lodging
    • Chicago Sprints - $200 + travel and lodging
    • Wisco Change - $75
    • Head of the Rock – $95
    • HOCR  - $400 + travel and lodging
Q: Which Regatta’s are we going to?

A: The regatta schedule varies year to year based on interest, though the club tries to race in regattas within a reasonable travel distance from Madison. Past regatta’s we’ve raced in include:
Sprint Races
·       Minneapolis Sprints
·       Chicago Sprints
·       Master’s Nationals
Head Races
·       Head of the Des Moines
·       Wisco Chase
·       Head of the Rock
·       Head of the Charles
·       Chicago Row-toberfest

Q: How can I learn more?

A: Email hswan@mendotarowingclub.com.

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