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Juniors Rowing Program

MRC is exited to announce that we are looking for dedicated junior rowers to join our small team beginning in June.  

MRC Juniors are held to a high standard regarding personal conduct.  And while everyone makes mistakes, we believe that successful junior athletes will become successful adults if they constantly exercise sound judgement and are dedicated to their teammates and themselves. In a phrase, athletes at MRC are people of integrity who embody respect, honesty and courage. 

Admission Requirements

Honor Code

Athletes are asked to agree to an honor code so that they avoid:  

    • Action that misleads or deceives; 
    • Conduct that gives them or others an unfair advantage;
    • Action that deprives another person of his/her rightful property; 
    • Action that hurts or disrespects another person; and 
    • Action that brings discredit to MRC community and reputation. 

To help create the best environment that allows every participant to realize their goals in the sport of rowing, we ask that as part of the admissions process, prospective athletes submit a letter of recommendation from a previous coach or current teacher and a signed form from a school administrator certifying or disclosing that the prospective athlete does / does not have any significant or chronic disciplinary issues (suspensions, chronic detentions, kicked out of class, sent to the principle, etc.). 

Athletic and Physical Requirements

MRC strongly believes that a teenager’s future athletic potential is limitless if they are willing to work hard. While prior experience in rowing will certainly be helpful, it is not required so long as the athlete promises to work his/her hardest. If the athlete has no prior rowing experience, they must be able to demonstrate a moderate level of physical fitness (8:40 / 2k on the ergometer; or 9 minute mile pace) after a short period of initial instruction and pass a swim test. 

Application Process

While this application process might seem extreme, MRC is the only rowing club in Madison offering almost entirely new purchased equipment and significant support from club members to help athletes realize their rowing goals. The club regularly buys new equipment to make sure our athletes have the equipment they need to win. Our dedicated coaches offer detailed training programs and extremely low athlete to coach ratios (currently 7/1). As such, we believe that this process helps determine if an athlete and club are compatible.  

Steps to Apply

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Contact the coach expressing interest in joining our team.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the coach.
  4. Request letters of recommendation from previous coach / teacher. 
  5. Submit form/letter from your child's school principal/counselor that certifies lack of or disclose disciplinary issues. 
  6. Show that the athlete can complete the erg test or mile run time in accordance with the time standards. 
  7. Parents/Guardians and athlete meet coach at a mutually agreeable time. 
  8.  Coach makes recommendation to MRC board  
  9. Once the MRC Board of Directors vote on whether to accept a new athlete, notice of the decision will be sent to parents/guardians. If accepted, athletes are invited to start training immediately. 

Practice schedule

The water season at Mendota Rowing Club generally runs from April to the end of October. From November to March we offer winter training. Juniors practice 5-6 days per week.

Racing and Regattas

Coming soon.

Meet the coach

The Juniors Program is coached by Mike Mancusi Ungaro.

622 E Gorham St
Madison, WI

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