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Learn to Row Coordinators

Carlee Hayden

Carlee Hayden, former rower and coxswain at Georgia Tech. New to Madison, as of January. Moved here to design bridges at an engineering firm downtown. I live right next Lake Mendota and I'm excited to have rowing back in my everyday life!

Pacia Harper

Since 2002, I've stayed home with and homeschooled my son, Aubrey. He took LTR with me in 2017, but I kept rowing and he went back to soccer. Aside from parenting Aubrey, my mission in life seems to be reading. I go through several novels a week, as well as a decent amount of nonfiction. I also spend a lot of time cooking vegan food. We've been CSA members since 2004, so I have a lot of experience dealing with the weirder vegetables.

Before 2002, I lived in Illinois, California, New Mexico, Florida, and Japan, but mostly Illinois. A lot of my family still lives out west. I studied computer science at the University of Illinois, then came to Madison for graduate school. I'm still interested in online privacy and security issues.

Here are just some of our great instructors!

Ben Bradford

My first taste of rowing came back in high school, when my brother and I signed up for a local club after they brought an erg to my school to recruit young athletes. It was more his idea than mine, but I’m glad I went along with it and have been in love with the sport ever since. Although we weren’t the most powerful team, we had a great coach, learned a lot, and did our best. I didn’t have a chance to row in college, but within two weeks of moving to Madison in 2013 to pursue a Master’s degree in Entomology I was down at the boathouse for National Learn to Row Day, and have been active in the Master’s program at MRC ever since. To me, rowing is such an interesting fusion of an individual and team sport - each of us has to be motivated to improve our own fitness and our technique, yet work together with cohesion, synchrony, balance, and strength. The beautiful sunrises over Mendota are just the icing on the cake!