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yoga in the boathouse

Mendota Rowing Club and instructor Cecily Frederick are offering yoga sessions that will help you increase your balance, flexibility and mental concentration. This class is open to everyone. You do not need to be a member nor a rower to participate. Mixed level class. Beginners Welcome!

Drop in spaces always available. Please make sure to arrive early to reserve your spot.

If you have any questions contact us at info@mendotarowingclub.com.

Upcoming Sessions

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Cecily Frederick started practicing yoga 17 years ago, and teaching 12 years ago. She has completed 900 hours of yoga teaching training. She teaches adults & children & works with individuals seeking specific guidance (such as injuries-related) in their yoga practice. Her practice focuses on Alignment yoga, which is a form of Hatha yoga. It honors yoga's ancient Indian roots, while recognizing its current context and today's lifestyles.

MRC member testimonials

Cecily has been my favorite yoga instructor for ten years. I’m excited she’s returned to teaching as she is able to combine patience and sensitivity to individual needs with a sound foundation in proper technique. While taking regular classes with her my rowing excelled as did my overall fitness. Most importantly I improved my ability to hold that unique place somewhere just between tension and relaxation that is so necessary to rowing well. She has always taken an interest in my unique needs as a rower. While my coach may have yelled at me many times to “relax my shoulders at the finish”, Cecily showed me how.  -Kathryn Pereira

Yoga is a great addition to my weekly routine and really enhances my all over all body condition which has been filled with problems since I was 17. I wish I would have tried yoga much sooner. Personally I think it should be incorporated into pre row and post row practices especially for older folks who tend to lose their flexibility over time. -Casey O'Keefe

Cecily is an experienced, thoughtful and warm instructor. She strikes exactly the right balance for those of us new to yoga, and also for very experienced folks. I have incorporated several of Cecily's relaxation and body awareness concepts into my rowing, and I really think it has made me a better rower. -Nancy Jarvis

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