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Enter Your Volunteer Hours - May 2022-April 2023

View Your Total Volunteer Hours for May 2022 - April 2023

Volunteer Hour Summary (as of 5/15/2022)

Tracking Volunteer Hours
Because Mendota Rowing Club is a member-run organization, we require all members to commit to a certain amount of volunteer hours each year for our club. The volunteer work that we do together helps keep our expenses down and membership dues low. It also builds community and friendships.

Full-year members are expected to complete a minimum of 15 hours per year, while monthly members are expected to complete 2 hours per month. We are extremely appreciative of the involvement of our membership!

Starting April1 you will be required to enter the volunteer activity you perform for MRC.

We will track volunteer hours from April 1 to March 31 each year. If you have not met your volunteer requirements by March 31 we will give you a grace period allowing you to make up the hours until May 14.

On May 14 members who have not met their volunteered requirements will be invoiced at a rate of $25/hr for each hour they are short. For example, if you are required to volunteer 15 hour/year and you only volunteer 10 hours you will be invoiced $125 (5 x $25).

Volunteer Hours Buyout Option
If you are not able to fulfill the volunteer requirements or do not want to volunteer, then you can buyout all your time for a non-refundable amount of $250/yr or $25/hr.


Q: Why am I required to track my volunteer hours?

  1. Tracking hours give us a better sense of how much work is required for the many tasks that are needed to run the club.
  2. Having a record of volunteer hours is helpful when we write grants.
  3. To ensure tasks are shared evenly across the community of rowers.

    Q: How many hours am I required to volunteer?

    A: Annual members are required to volunteer 15 hours per year and monthly members are required to volunteer 2 hours per month.

    Q: What if I join the club later in the season. Will my volunteer hours be prorated?

    A: If you join on May 15 you must meet the volunteer requirements by April 1 the following year. We will, however, give you a grace period until May 14 if you need additional hours. If you join after May 15, we will prorate your volunteer requirements by 1 hour per each month after May 15. For example, if you join on July 15 (two months after May 15) you will be required to volunteer 13 hours rather than 15.

    Q: What if I want to volunteer and there are no volunteer activities available?

    A: This is a rare occasion but it does happen. All volunteer activities are posted on our website. If you don't find a good fit then contact the board to propose a project that meets an obvious need at the club…there is always something to be cleaned, organized, sorted, repaired, etc.

    Q: Can I use hours from the grace period for more than one year?

    A: No. You can count your volunteer hours between April 1 and May 15 towards either the preceding year (if you are short and want to avoid a fee) or the current year. 

    Q: If I volunteer more hours than are required can I carry over those hours into the next year?

    A: No, but we greatly appreciate the extra hours you put in.

    Q: If I’m a monthly member what are the volunteer requirements?

    A: Monthly members are required to volunteer 2 hours a month. For example, if you are a member for June, July, and August you would be required to volunteer for 6 hours during that time. Once your membership lapses we will invoice you for any hours you are short.

    Q: How do I access the Volunteer Hour Tracking System?

    A: When you log into the website, click on the Members tab and then select Log Volunteer Hours. From here you can log and track your volunteer hours.

    Q: Can I count volunteer hours I do for organizations other than MRC?

    A: No, all the volunteer hours your record must be related to MRC work and/or fundraisers.

    Q: If I choose to buyout all of my volunteer hours for $250 can I still volunteer?

    A: Absolutely, but keep in mind the $250 you paid is non-refundable.

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