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During Summer 2020 Mendota Rowing Club partnered with STEM-to-Stern, UW Rowing and the Latino Health Council to launch STEM-to-Stern Madison (S2S). Our community partners have grown to include the Vera Court and Bridge Lakepoint Waunona Neighborhood Centers.

S2S is a National program born out of Milwaukee Rowing Club with the sole mission of eliminating barriers to the sport of rowing and increasing participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. In 2021, S2S joined forces with USRowing to help expand and establish its mission within the rowing community nationally.

Please contact Program Director, Sara Krizan, to learn more.

What is STEM to Stern?

The mission of STEM-to-Stern is to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the sport of rowing while also decreasing the barriers to entering STEM fields for for those who have been historically excluded. The program engages youth who are 11+ years of age in grades 6, 7 and 8. The program begins with a 5-day summer camp during which participants engage in a STEM project at the same time that they are learning to row. At the end of the camp, participants are welcomed as members of the Mendota Rowing Club middle school team where they continue to learn team building, personal development skills, and grow in their athleticism. Rowing activities are paired with educational tutoring and regular STEM sessions where Madison area collegiate rowers work with S2S participants on a variety of fun and educational projects on topics ranging from bridge design to computer coding, human health and ecology.

Why is S2S Important?

S2S is important because it aims to combat systemic discrimination through the creation of intentional community which is diverse and inclusive. S2S centers around the challenging team sport of rowing and provides participants with regular opportunities to build their skills sets and knowledge base in STEM topics which can be the keys to academic and professional success. In addition to providing access to fitness and academic support, S2S community participant needs ranging from food disparity to transportation and swimming lessons are addressed through this program.

Who are we impacting?

Students at least 11+ years of age entering the 6th, 7th and 8th grades are welcome to join STEM-to-stern, with benefits of the program extending throughout high school. In particular, at Mendota Rowing Club we encourage participation from those identified by the 2021 Dane County Youth Assessment as being most vulnerable to health disparities: girls, transgender and other gender non-conforming individuals, black, indigenous and people of color, those with lower socio-economic status and people with disabilities.

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