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Rent a Rower

05/03/2016 11:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Let's Get Hal Back on the Water!

Our beloved Vespoli 4+ Halapeño suffered a nasty blow last fall that cracked a rib and made a rift in the hull, rendering it unrowable.  We have been given an estimate for repair estimate of $2900 by our hull repair shop in Chicago. We want Hal back!!

In the next 6 weeks, we need to raise funds to pay for the repair.  If we all pitch in we can do it!  We can get Hal back on the water in time to rip up the Chicago Sprints.

To reach our goal:  48 members need to earn/contribute an average of $60 each

That is a lot of money, but…this is where RENT-A-ROWER comes in!

Two ways to make our goal:

  1. Members can “earn” money by volunteering their muscle/skills/talents to family, friends and neighbors, who in turn make a donation to MRC (“Rent-a-Rower”).
  2. Members can contribute money directly to the fund.

Dates:  4/11/16 through 5/23/16 (6 weeks)


For rowers who wish to donate their muscle and talent: 

  1. Rowers send notice to friends, family, neighbors announcing list of tasks rower is willing to do. 
  2. Rowers and customers schedule jobs.
  3. Rowers complete tasks, and friends, family, neighbors make a suggested donation of $15/hour to MRC.

To reach your goal: 4 hours x $15 = $60

Some suggested tasks for Rent-A-Rower:

  • Yard Work (raking, weeding, planting, mowing, turning over garden, mulching)
  • Windows (ground or step ladder only)
  • Cleaning garage, basement
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Stacking wood
  • Polishing silver
  • Wash, vacuum car
  • Dog walking
  • Cooking dinner/baking (you donate ingredients)
  • Moving furniture, boxes
  • Specialties:
  • Bike repair
  • Computer help
  • Mending, hemming, alterations
  • What is your specialty?     


All checks should specify “MRC Donation, Boat Repair Fund” so the fundraising can be tracked.

Here is a sample note you could send to friends, neighbors and family:

Subject line: Rent-A-Rower

Hi ______

I row with Mendota Rowing Club (MRC), a community rowing club located in James Madison Park.  Last fall one of our rowing shells “Hal” was damaged in an accident. We are raising money for the repair so we can get Hal back on the water, and hope you can help.

Through our Rent-A-Rower Fundraiser, I will do any of the tasks listed below for a suggested donation of $15 per hour.  All funds go directly to Mendota Rowing Club.

(List all tasks you are willing to do)

If you have tasks to do, please contact me and we can work out a convenient time.  If you require more than one person, please let me know.  There are plenty of strong folks at Mendota Rowing Club.

By the way, MRC offers Learn To Row classes all summer if you are interested in trying something new! http://mendotarowingclub.com/LTR

Your friendly Rent-A-Rower,


Questions: contact Nancy Jarvis - njarvis@mendotarowingclub.com

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