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Sculling Program Summary

Sculling at Mendota consists of a combination of coached practices and independent sculling

Coached sculling is for:

  • Beginning scullers who have completed Learn to Row at Mendota RC or another rowing club
  • Experienced scullers who wish to work on technique

Independent sculling is for:

  • Experienced scullers who have demonstrated basic sculling ability and have passed a flip test
  • Scullers who wish to be able to scull on their own or with other independent scullers outside of scheduled practice times

Coached Sculling Details

At Mendota RC, we incorporate sculling into the practices for our Advanced and Competitive programs. Scullers who wish to race should discuss their training goals with the coaches for those programs.

For those that are interested in developing their existing sculling skills or learning how to scull, we also offer sculling specific practices that focus on technique.

Independant sculling Details

To become an independent sculler, you must pass both a practical test and a written test. These tests are to ensure that you can safely take a boat out on Lake Mendota without a coach present. They are required for anyone wishing to scull independently out of Mendota RC's boathouse, including private boat owners. You should also be familiar with the contents of the Sculler's Manual and the Lake Mendota traffic pattern.

Meet the Coach

The Sculling Program is coached by Ethan Currie.

Practice Schedule

Coached sculling practice begins May 16. Practices are:

Tuesday and Friday: 

  • 5:15am setup and launch boats
  • 5:30am push off from dock
  • 6:45am off water

Sculling practices are open to anyone that has done some rowing at the novice (intermediate) level.

Coached practices are not open to members with an Independent Sculling Membership. You must have a full, novice, or monthly membership to participated in coached practices. 

Race Schedule

The following races are under consideration for attendance in 2017. At the beginning of the season the Adult Committee Head will survey the rowers and work with the coaches to determine which of these events the club will attend.

Sprint Races

    • Grand Rapids
    • Chicago Sprints
    • Canadian Henley
    • Master's Nationals

Head Races

    • Head of the Des Moines
    • Tail of the Fox
    • Head of the Grand/Head of the Rock
    • Head of the Charles/Chicago Row-toberfest

Rowers from all of Mendota RC's programs, including scullers are encouraged to participate in regattas. In addition to the information provided by coaches and the Regatta Coordinator, you can find out more about each race by visiting www.regattacentral.com.

Regatta Fees are as follows:

  1. Fees for each event in which you are participating
  2. Trailer fees, which vary given the distance to the regatta
  3. A coach fee of $10/rower per regatta day

Race Results

For a full list of recent race results, please see our Race Results page.

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