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Welcome returning rowers!

Whether you've rowed with us in the past, or you rowed somewhere else, you're welcome at MRC this summer! We're sculling in singles to preserve social distancing. We have developed sanitizing protocols to disinfect our boats and oars regularly. (If you live with another rower, you can go out in a double.)

If you haven't sculled in a single before, that's okay! We have novice practices to help get you going. We have several stable "beginner boats", and you can go at your own pace. (No racing to keep up with the experts.)

With experience, you can qualify as an independent sculler. At that point, you can sign up to take out a single outside of practice.

We have both monthly and annual adult memberships available. We also have a one-month $50 trial membership, available to new members only.

Membership information

Once you join, you'll get information about signing up for practices. 

Covid-19 protocol

Athletes must wear a mask in the boat bay. We have extras if you forget.

HERE is the link to MRC's safety protocols during Dane County Phase 1. Please read carefully. We need full participation in these protocols to maintain a safe environment for our rowers.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 646
Madison, WI 53701

Boathouse Address:
622 E Gorham St
Madison, WI

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